Social/Emotional Support

  • School Social Work Services are support services provided by mental health professionals for students and their families.  These services are available to all students who are experiencing social, emotional and/or behavioral difficulties in school.

    The School Social Workers are dedicated to GUHSD values and are key members of the school team. School Social Workers help improve students’ chances for success in school -- and in life.  They assess and address social, emotional, and behavioral factors that may stand in the way of students’ ability to learn fully. They apply social work principles and methodologies in the educational environment with the primary goal of removing barriers that prevent a student from fulfilling his or her academic potential. 

    How we help students, families and schools

    A variety of services are offered for your child, family and community including, but not limited to:

    • Support Groups
    • Mediations
    • Individual Counseling
    • Mental health referrals
    • Family Support
    • Behavior issues
    • Financial assistance (school lunches, school supplies, etc) 
    • Referrals to AHCCCS, Food Stamps, DES, food banks
    • Clothing Closet ( offers free clothes and shoes for the family)
    • Adopt-a-Family Holiday Assistance
    • Provide crisis interventions to include conducting suicide risk assessments and threat assessments, also responding as part of crisis teams to support schools impacted by traumatic events.